The Homework Caddy

Being a mother of five children, all in school, can get pretty crazy. I can honestly say it gets tough to keep things in order when it comes to their homework. I have a few different things that I use to help remedy this issue, one being something called “The Homework Caddy”.

So what is one exactly? A clever all-in-one hanging folder system to organize your child’s school work and books that lie all over the kitchen counter, stuck to the fridge door or (unfortunately) dumped in the recycling bin. The Homework Caddy was created to eliminate all the clutter, while at the same time helping with appointment setting and meeting scheduling. It certainly sounds like the answer to any parent’s woes, but how exactly does it stack up? To describe it to someone who has no clue, I would tell them the answer to my prayers…lol!

There are various folders of which you label, a calandar, dry erase markers, there are various pockets to store pencils and such, and this also comes with to hooks with adhesive to hang this up. This is a reasonable size and offers ample room. The material this is made out of it is strong as well as durable. With five children, this still offers plenty of room for all of them. This is what I refer to my hub for the kids. They know to add anything that needs to be signed in a folder, homework that needs to be looked at, or tests that we need to go over, and much more.

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