True Easy Syringe by Acu-Life

As a parent of five children, the is no doubt a fair share of viruses that seem to get passed around. Especially while they are in school. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot lot that I can do other than to remind them to wash their hands and to use sanitizer amoungst other things.

When they do get sick, I am usually running for the liquid suspension medicine. When one seems to get sick, soon they all. Sort of a Domino effect so to speak. As many of you parents know, when the kids are sick, they want you. You don’t sleep barely because you are busy tending to them. Measuring medicine can be an issue when you are very tired.

Acu-Life has come up with a wonderful idea to get the perfect measurement of your liquid suspension medication. This syringe measures .5, 1, 1.5, and 2 tbs. So it has the same measurements as other ones. What stands this apart, is you turn the dial on the top of the syringe to your desired measurement, and it will stop when you get to the desired measurement. This syringe has been calibrated to offer specific measurements.  Cleaning this is a breeze and after cleaning, it still measures nicely.

This product is sold on for $4.69 USD. For more information on ordering this product or to see what other reviewers have said about this, please feel free to visit the listing located here.

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