Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker and Selfie Stick by Osgar

As many of you know, I am always on the lookout for cool and interesting products. The cooler, the better to me. Once I find something good, I am sure to tell you all. There is this company on Amazon that is called Osgar. I never heard of them myself until I recently began to notice a particular item of theirs and asked them if they would let me review it. Of course the seller HuiFen kindly obliged. The seller was very nice and customer service oriented. This seller also made sure my products for review were sent in a quick and timely manner. I was quite impressed already and couldn’t wait to check out the products I was being sent.

I was sent a waterproof bluetooth speaker and a selfie stick. Both looked pretty neat alone in the packaging, but could they stand the test. Surprisingly, they exceeded my test, just like the customer service of this wonderful company.

The waterproof bluetooth speaker comes in a nice durable box. Inside, it was wrapped very nicely and had an instruction manual as well as a USB cord for charging purposes and an auxiliary cable. The instruction manual was very easy to understand for me. It explained everything and walked me through the process of using this item as well as the features. Some of the features of this device include: Multi-play Function – Wireless audio streaming (apply to all Bluetooth-enabled devices)- 3.5mm AUX Line-in port – audio streaming with non-Bluetooth devices such as MP3, MP4,CD Players- USB Flash Drives and micro SD Cards play supported – no need to carry mobile phones, tablet, etc., support MP3 format. Telephone Answering Function (hands free)The internal microphone supports answer,reject, end a call directly from speakers. 4.Suitable for outdoor play, e.g. sports, cookouts, picnic, etc. With the Audio port and SD slot, the USB port which can charge. Support the MP3, WMA, WAV files.

Pairing this speaker was a breeze and the sound quality of this is AMAZING! It offers crisp clear sound, deep bass, and just the right amount of treble. When using the phone feature, I was able to talk to my caller and they heard me clearly with little background noise. This speaker has a little bit of weight to it, but nothing outstanding. To protect the charger area as well as where the aux cable would go, it has a nice cover to offer protection when around water. I received an orange and black one and I thought it was pretty nice as far as looks go. Buttons are very nice and springy and do not stick. Another cool feature, is this is equipped to be able to attach to a tri-pod, you will hear about that coming up. I really love this speaker and will say it is an absolute hit with me. To check this speaker out on Amazon visit here.

The Selfie Stick from this brand is by far the best one I have come across and let’s face it, I have reviewed many. The stick is lightweight, but here is the awesome part, it’s a 4-in-1. Yes! You read that right. I wasn’t expecting it either. It can be used as a mono-pod, tripod, selfie stick, and a floor stand for their bluetooth speaker. Now, that part isn’t advertised, but I really think they should, it would really be a great selling point for them. The handle of this selfie stick is the control panel. When powered on, it blinks a blue light to pair, once paired, the light is a constant blue. This selfie stick offers zoom in and out. Another thing I have never seen on a selfie stick. The adjustable bar clicks in for added stability which is a nice feature. The actual part that holds the phone, is lined with rubber both on top and bottom. This is one of the few selfie sticks I have seen where my phone isn’t ready to fall out of that part, so another awesome feature there. It’s very easy to convert to which ever way you want to use this and to be honest, it takes incredible selfies. The part that holds your phone, can also be set at an angle. While using the tri-pod or mono-pod, the base of the selfie stick acts like a remote control. It’s actually really cool. Upon looking at their bluetooth speaker, I took notice that this could be twisted onto the tri-pod and used as a speaker stand. It added to the wonderful sound this speaker already had to offer. To take a look at this product on Amazon, please visit here.

All in all, I am very impressed with this company and I see them being quite successful with these two amazing products. Feel free to take a look at the reviews posted on their product pages that I listed for you all as well. I am sure I am not the only one who feels that these are amazing. These would make a wonderful gift idea for just about anyone on your list, and with Valentine’s Day coming, I am sure this would be an awesome gift.

This product was received for the purpose of inspection and for an unbiased review. Images are courtesy of the product listings on Amazon.com

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