Wireless Meat Thermometer

Cooking a good meal for your family is something we all love to do. It offers bonding time at the dinner table, healthier options, and it helps save you money from going out to the restaurants. When cooking meals at home, it can be tough to see if the products you are cooking are fully cooked. With that issue, many of us purchase a meat thermometer. Convenience is something we all also look for when cooking in the kitchen. With this day in age, people are pretty busy, so the quicker things can get done for some, the better. A company by the name O & T Online has combined both of these factors in their design for the latest and greatest meat thermometer. It’s a wireless one. 

This stylish and sleek design is nuetrally colored grey to compliment any kitchen decor. Numerals are nice and large, making it easy to read. The blue indigo backlight also helps with seeing the screen. I love how it takes two AAA batteries. Those batteries are easily found, so replacing them will be easy to do. Battery compartment is easily accessible. There are pre-programmed temperatures which makes this fool proof. Once your meat has met temperature, this product has an alarm to tell you. You can even set the alarm according to how you like your meat whether it is well done or medium rare. There are settings for seven different meat products. Measurements for temperature can be measured in either Celsius or Farenheit. The stainless steel metal probe is nice and sharp to pierce meat easily. When checked according to my other thermometer that I know is accurate, this was right on with accuracy. 
This product is sold on Amazon.com for $45.97 USD. For more information on ordering this item or to read what other reviewers thought about this, please feel free to visit here. 
This product was received for the purpose of inspection and for an unbiased review. Product images are courtesy of the product listing on Amazon.com.
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