Xtava 5 – in – 1 Curling Iron

O.k. I’ll admit it, I am the type of girl who loves to do my hair. It’s pretty long and with long hair, when it comes to styles, the possibilities are endless, but one of my favorite styles is just wearing it down curled. Curling your hair can add so much volume to your hair as well as texture. Many other hair styles that have curled hair with them just look even more pretty in my opinion.

The latest thing with curling irons, is the barrel irons. This adds so much versatility than what we all grew up having back when we were all younger and for those of you who have no clue what I am talking about, consider yourself lucky. The barrel irons offer 5 different sizes of barrels which can just add some wave to your hair or tight spirals and everything in between. That’s what makes them so fabulous. Now, I was one of those people who had to have the barrel irons. I purchased a Cortex. It cost me over $100 USD when I got it. It had four different barrels with it, but on the barrels, there were no clips. Although it came with a glove to protect my hand from the heat, it just didn’t work. For one, I was burning myself all the time and two…with the glove, I couldn’t do my hair the way I wanted to. For years, I searched for something better. I was on the search for something that had a clip but was a barrel iron. I had no luck finding something like this for years. That is until I found a wonderful company called Xtava.

Xtava is a company created by women for women. Their mission is to empower you with unique beauty products and tools that deliver the latest in technology and design at an affordable price. When you choose an Xtava product, you are also helping other women around the world. Each year the company donates a percentage of their profits to charities benefiting women. How cool is that? That is definitely a company I want to do business with. Feel free to check out their website located here to find out more.

I was given the 5 – in – 1 curling iron to test out from them. As many of you know, I am a huge fan of them, so I was extremely excited to try this. I had no idea what this looked like as I have never seen it before. When I opened it, imagine my surprise when I seen it’s simplicity and the fact that three of the barrels had a clip…yes a clip, just like the old fashioned curling irons. I was ecstatic. This product comes with five different sizes of barrels, the curling want base, and a heat protectant bag that zips up with a carry handle.

So how did work for me? Well, many of you know, I have three daughters too….all with long hair. So this was an awesome tool for us. Putting the barrels on was very easy. All you had to do was simply just insert it. On the top of the base of the curling wand, there is a circle that you twist to lock the barrel into place. I liked this feature because it insures safety. With my other one, there was a button which made it almost impossible to get the barrels out. You turn this on just like you would with any curling iron. There were no temperature controls like what you see with a lot of the irons these days. Don’t worry though, this iron gets pretty hot and really fast! I think the total time to get this iron to temp was about 45 seconds…literally. The clips on the barrels also helps keep the iron into place when you set it down which is another nice added feature which you don’t see with other barrel irons, so that was another plus with this one.

I used the 3rd barrel up for doing my daughter’s hair. That is the one I will use in the review here. That is one with a clip. Rolling her hair was a breeze. With the 8 ft. swivel cord, I wasn’t constantly dodging the cord or tangling it up which is really nice. The cord is durable as well. A lot of these barrels have flimsy cords. Not this one. Once I rolled my daughter’s hair, I left it for about thirty seconds. I felt it and it was hot. So, I took it out. It was a perfect curl Perfect for the barrel and just perfect in general. As I went to do the rest of her hair, it continues to offer exceptional curls. Now this iron offers ceramic tourmaline technology, which offers shine to the hair and protects it as well. I do use a heat protectant to be on the safe side of course.

I wanted to test the safety feature on this as well. It promises to shut itself off in unattended for more than a half hour, so I figured I would give this a test. It did indeed shut off when unattended. I was pleasantly surprised as my other one did not offer this safety feature. The heat protectant bag is a tight fit for all of it, but I does hold everything if put in there in just the right way.

All together, I am very impressed when it comes to this wonderful barrel iron. It offered a lot more than I expected with fast and wonderful results. This product is a fraction of the price of most barrel irons and in my opinion, it a lot better than the others. This item can be purchased on their company website or on Amazon.com. On Amazon.com, this item retails for $39.00 USD. For more information on ordering this wonderful item or to read further reviews, please feel free to visit here.

This product was received for the purpose of inspection and for an unbiased review.

*One image provided from company website

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