Have you ever been to the Science Museum and seen those marble mazes? That seems to be one of the main things my kids want to check out when we go visit. They always ask questions about it and it really seems to captivate their attention. For me as a science nerd, I love things like this and explaining it to them.

When I was offered the opportunity to check out the “Zoomerang” toy, I could barely contain my excitement. This is one of those toys that even as a parent is fun to check out. This item arrives and will need to be assembled. Don’t cringe when you see the whole 100 pieces thing, because it is actually pretty easy to set up in my opinion. The age range for this says 6+ but my five year old got a kick out of this. I just made sure to keep my eye on him when he was checking this out. Setting it up took me about ten minutes and that was mainly because I was making sure I was doing everything right. There is an instruction booklet with pictures to help you along the way. Once together, the hand crank to move the marbles was very easy to use. It was a lot of fun to check out the marbles moving through the maze. 
There are many other sets like this which makes it even more fun and challenging. All sets are interchangable. So, if you were to decide you wanted a larger one, that is always an option. This is one of those toys that you can keep building and learning different things with motion with. 
This product is sold on Amazon.com and can be found here. Fell free to check out the post and see what other reviewers have to say. This would be a wonderful gift idea as a family gift or for a child that loves marble mazes. 
This product was provided to me at no cost for the purpose of inspection and an unbiased review. 
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