1/4 Gallon (32 oz.) BPA Free Food Grade Tall Round Container with Lid

Having a large family is fun as well as rewarding. There is never a dull moment in my home. Some days can get busier than others leaving time to cook hard to find. With summer here, it really can be tough. Especially because I do not like to feed my children fast food.


One thing that I do to help remedy the time crunch I seem to have is that I make meals ahead of time and freeze them. This helps out a lot in my home. When it comes to storage solutions for my meals, it can be difficult because not all are created equally. I have tried many out on the market only to be left high and dry with freezer burn or what not. So, I took to the internet to find something that would suffice. I often have specifications that I look for in storage solutions because I have health as a number one priority for my family.

epackagesupply.com offers a wide array of storage options that meet my requirements, so I decided to try them out. These products are relatively new to the market, but the product description really appealed to me. Here is what is states about the product 1/4 gallon BPA free food grade tall round container with lid.

¼ Gallon 32 oz. Food Grade Tall Round Container with lid Features:

  • Berry Global manufactured these right in the USA and Berry Part #: T41032TCP, L410, L410DS, L410R, L410RTR
  • Food Safe Co-Poly Resin Plastic Makes this Container FDA Approved
  • Color Options include Clarified, Translucent and White
  • BPA Free and Recyclable After Use

¼ Gallon 32 oz. Food Grade Tall Round Container with lid Dimensions:

  • Container made of co-poly resin Container dimensions: 4.61″ diameter x 5.28″ height
  • Lid made of LLDPE resin: Lid dimensions: Single Seal (4.63” x 0.31”)? Double Seal (4.66” x 0.38”)? Recessed (4.61” x 0.33”)? Recessed Tamper Resistant (4.68”x 0.33”)

¼ Gallon 32 oz. Food Grade Tall Round Container with lid Description:

This polyethylene mold injected BPA free tall container manufactured by Berry Global is one of the best ePackageSupply has to offer. This 32 oz. HDPE plastic tub comes in three different colors, clarified, translucent, and white and also has four different lid styles that can come with it including single seal lid, double seal, recessed lid and recessed tamper resistant lid. A durable tamper proof material, these food grade pails without the handles are fantastic if you are looking to hold food items in storage for long or short periods of time. The food storage buckets with lids are available in a package of 25 plastic containers, 50 plastic containers, 250 plastic containers and 500 plastic containers.

Once my package arrived, I noticed the quality of these was above average. These were restaurant quality and at the fraction of the price. Although it looked nice and offered a nice seal, I wanted to see if they would pass the true test. I used them to freeze various things that I made. I tipped them to see if they would leak and they did not. There was no freezer burn on my food either. When I used these in the microwave, I was still met with the same impression as I initially had.


Through my various tests, these held up nicely. I would feel comfortable recommending this to other people who are looking for effective storage solutions. For more information on purchasing this item, please feel free to go here and take a look.



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