5 hr Energy Pink Lemonade #5hourGoesPink

I recently was offered the opportunity to try the new 5-hour Energy Pink Lemonade flavor. I was offered this through a website called Smiley360.
I normally do not like energy things ike this. I get the jitters as well as do not like the taste. This really does taste like lemonade. Such a plus. I was offered energy that I needed . This product is sugar free and only 4 calories.
For every purchase of this item, five cents is donated to a non profit organization called Living Beyong Breast Cancer. I really like they are doing this because this is something that needs some research.
Each bottle is 1.93 fl oz. You can take it into two servings for energy or for optimal you can take the whole thing. Each bottle is good once opened for 3 days.
*This item was received free for the purpose of testing for honest and unbiased review.*
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