Ailihen G1100 Vibration Function Professional Gaming Headphone Games Headset with Mic Stereo Bass Breathing LED Light for Pc Gamer (Black Blue)

When it comes to gaming, one of the better parts of it is being able to play online with people from all over the world. It not only offers more of a challenge, but it makes the game a lot more fun. Sometimes using the regular mic that is on the computer or on the gaming system works, but not exactly how we hope them to. Sound too can get annoying to the other people in the house having to hear your game.

To remedy these issues, there are gaming headphones out on the market. I was recently offered an opportunity to try a really cool set. When I say cool, I mean cool. These light up in a variety of colors on each ear muff. The pattern on them is so cool. It was the first thing my son, the gamer noticed and commneted about. The earmuff pieces are nicely padded. They offer the look of leather, however they are a soft vinyl. I love love love how this cord is wrapped with extra plastic material. The headband has a nice cushion on the top of it to offer comfort to the consumer while wearing this item The mic seems to function nicely and can be munipulated how you wish. There is no delay and other players can hear you clearly. There is a good amount of bass to these which is what I like. No matter what kind of gaming or music genre or sounds this set offers a good balance of crisp sound.

The cons- Directions were in a different language. My son knew how to work these and get them all set up, but as for myself I didn’t. There are however different Youtibe videos if you aren’t familiar with getting these set up.

This product is sold on for $35.98 with a Prime membership. For more information on ordering these, please feel free to visit here..

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