Auto Seat Back Protector by Dot&Dot

If you have children, you are no stranger when it comes to them kicking the back of the seat. Any kid usually has mud or dirt on the bottom of their shoes, that’s common sense, so once they are kicking the seat, they tend to leave little foot prints all over the seat. If you are lucky enough to have leather seats, this problem can be wiped off in a matter of seconds, but most of us have cloth interior, which means getting these marks out requires shampooing or some scrubbing effort.

That’s where Dot&Dot come in with their auto seat back protectors. This is the answer for your little angels who like to kick. Made with durable materials, these back seat protectors measure 58 cm long and are 46.5 cm wide wuth a thickness of a 1/2 of cm. These are very light weighing a little under 6 oz. a pice. These only come in black, but that compliments any interior of your automobile. The material is embroidered in the lower right hand corner with Dot&Dot’s logo. What is really neat about these, is they can be wiped off very easily and they are clean. If for some reason, your little angel went playing in some clay mud, you can simply wipe this off with some mild detergent and it will get to looking as good as new. These also come with a nice zipper pouch for storage.

These back protectors are equipped with two different straps. One where the head rest is and the other that goes around the lower part of the seat, just under the lumbar region. The strap that goes under the lower lumbar is nice and stretchy, making it as easy as ever to get it around the seat. There are adjustable clips to help customize these straps to the perfect fitting for your seat. I really like that there is a loop at the end of these straps to keep the strap from slipping out of the snap enclosure. The snap enclosures are the type that require for you to pinch them in order to get them open. Straps are placed around the seat inaccessible for little fingers if installed correctly. If not installed correctly and your little one is the type to mess with things, this clip could pinch their skin if they were to mess with it. So, just make sure they are unaccessible for little fingers.

I really like the idea of these and they have saved me a lot of time when I clean my car as I am a mother of five little kickers. This product retails for $9.99 USD for one and for a set of two you get a bit of a price break at $17.97 USD. This product is sold on To read further reviews, or to obtain more information on ordering this item, please feel free to visit here.

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