Back Pain Relief Heat Therapy Kit By Dr. Soooothe – Customized Gel Pad and Elastic Back Support Belt

Millions of people experience lower back pain at some point in their lives and for a variety of reasons. This leaves a huge market out there for products to remedy the situation as consumers are willing to try anything to remedy the pain. 

I am on of those people. I have lower back pain and many kidney issues as many of you already know. The pain gets so excruciating that I am willing to try anything to help ease the pain. I have tried ointments, a hot water bottle, those pain relief patches, physical therapy, and so much more. I literally could go on and on, on different products I have tried. Sure, some helped some, but not enough for me to truly be satisfied and become brand loyal. 

For many, heat therapy works with lower back pain. It does wonders for me. Using a heating pad was uncomfortable, feeling the heating elements in the pad itself drove me nuts. I was always having to re-position the pad as well. I wasn’t a fan, but it’s all that worked. Until I came across this wonderful product. This heat therapy kit by Dr. Soooothe is truly one of the best things I have found to help an issue like this. 

This product comes with a nice soft black elastic belt with durable velcro to keep it into place. There is a pocket to slip the gel pack into the belt and has velcro as well to keep the gel pack placed into the pocket of the belt. The gel pack is about 14 inches long and a little under 5 1/2 inches wide. There are eight indentation circles in this gel pack. To activate this gel pack, it states to press a metal disc inside the gel pack, but I don’t see one in this gel pack. So, I am not sure if I received a newer model or what. Either way, this still works just as well. The soft belt that the gel pack goes into is about 47 inches long and almost 7 inches wide in the middle where the gel pack goes and where the velcro attaches to make the beltis about 5 1/2 inches wide. The part where the gel pack goes into in this belt, has some extra padding for the consumer which is a nice feature so you really just feel softness and heat. 

Now, this can be warmed up in a few different ways. The instructions state to take a pan and boil some water on the stove with a cloth on the bottom of the pad to heat this up. I worried about ruining this, so instead for me, I boiled water, and just poured it into a bowl and soaked this into the water in the bowl. This is NOT microwave safe folks. It states that specifically on the directions, so please pay attention to that. I soaked this in the hot water for about ten minutes and this did indeed get very hot. So hot, it took me putting some of my kitchen heat gloves on to get the gel pack into the belt. I liked that aspect. The information on this product states it can get up to  130 Degrees Fahrenheit and keeps it there for up to 2.5 hours, it seemed to stay nice and hot for me for about four hours before I noticed a difference in temperature. I don’t actually know how hot this got, but it exceeded my expectations. 

This does have a little bit of weight to it but when weighed, it came up to a little over to pounds. This is a really great alternative to other things on the market in my opinion because this doesn’t use electricity and you can use this over and over again. This product seemed to be made with durable materials and the gel pack is indeed thick and seems very heavy duty. 

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