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When it comes to using various beauty products, I am the type that looks for certain things from a company. I like to know that they care about their consumers. One of the ways is in their products. Beautiful Nutrition offers just that.

A few of you may remember me writing about them about a month ago when I got to try some of their products. This company offered me exceptional customer service and a variety of products to take a look at. I never knew I would love their products so much, but I do. This company doesn’t test on animals, their products are DEA free, Paraben free, and contain  no synthetic dyes, colors or fragrances. Looking at the other companies in this category, this company has set the bar very high.

I was sent four different products to take a look at. Here is what I thought about them.

Beautiful Nutrition Cleaner Longer Rinse Out Conditioner, 13.1 Fluid Ounce (Health and Beauty)
I am a person with VERY long hair so i was pretty stoked to give this conditioner a try. When I received the bottle and read it, it said it could be substituted for shampoo as well. Now, I am one of those people who think I need shampoo and conditioner, so I felt the need to prove the product wrong. I first used this as a conditioner. It didn’t lather like the others do and it rinsed out really nice. I wasn’t left with that weighed down greasy look that you get from using most conidtioners. I tied my hair in a bun in my next shower and went without washing. My hair still looked as fantastic as when I initially washed it. I normally have very oily hair, so I will admit I was impressed. So I tried to use this alone as the instructions say you could possibly do. It actually did work, and it worked very nicely. My hair was nice and soft and actually not only felt but looked better. The lemon scent is nice and light, but very refreshing. My hair is easy to comb through, has some snarles still, but the health of my hair from using this for three weeks is a lot better. I would highly recommend getting some of this. I amped up this conditioner by adding the mix fix and was even more impressed. Beautiful Nutrition has hit it out of the ballpark with this product.

Beautiful Nutrition Mix Fix Conditioner Booster ,Frizz, 2.8 Fluid Ounce (Health and Beauty)
I have some VERY long hair and with long hair comes many snarles. I use a top shelf conditioner to keep my hair looking fantabulous, but to be honest, it wasn’t all it was hyped up to be. I went along accepting the results, thinking it was just my hair. I was wrong. I used this product and I immediately seen the results. I mixed this with Beautiful Nutrition’s Cleaner Longer Conditioner. I didn’t expect much going into this, but I could already tell in the shower by the way my hair felt while rinsing it, that it had done a better job than my old stuff. When i went to brush my hair I had very little snarles. My hair looks AMAZING! It doesn’t have any frizz, has a nice shine too it and overall looks really healthy. This is a must have.

Beautiful Nutrition Infrizzable Hair Cuticle Corrector Moisture Creme, 8.4 Fluid Ounce (Misc.)
My daughter has some really curly and frizzy hair. Trying to tame it has really been a little bit of a hassle for me. I don’t like to use products where there are items less than desirable in them. This product is just the answer. As stated in the product description, this product has no sysnthetic dyes, colors, or fragrances, is parben free, DEA free, and never test on animals. I am always looking for products like these for my kids. I began to apply this product after we would wash her hair. I would start at the ends and work my way up her hair and then afterwards, I would comb it through the best i could. Using this has tamed her hair tremendously. It didn’t leave a greasy look like most products in this categaory do. This product smells good and a little goes a very long way, so you won’t go through this product real fast. My daughter’s hair is not frizzy anymore, is super soft, has lots of shine, and overall looks fantastic. Thanks Beautiful Nutrition!

Beautiful Nutrition Beautritious Good Hair Day Drink Mix, 12 Count (Health and Beauty)
I have been impressed wih Beautiful Nutrition Products in the past, so I was pretty excited to give this a try. I have used this for a while and waited a little bit to post this review to be thorough. In the instructions, it is stated to have this twice a day, I did in the morning and with my snack in between lunch and dinner. Mixing it was a piece of cake but took a little bit of work to get the grittiness out. I found that adding this to my shaker bottle worked a lot better than stirring it with a spoon. It does have a nice citrus taste that wasn’t too sour for me. Each supplement is in a nicely sealed packet so there is no measuring when it comes to using this. Perfect if you are a busy person like myself. After using this for a little while and waiting for the results, I do see that my hair has some added shine and looks healthier. As for thickness, I haven’t exactly seen that as of yet. I will update the review if I see any new results. When it comes to reducing shedding of the hair, I definately see that. I use to brush my hair and have a lot that shedded and now not so much, so in my opinion, it is worth the purchase.

These products are sold on and are priced reasonably. Please feel free to click on the hyper links for more information on ordering or to read further reviews. Also feel free to stop by their website to look at their other product they have to offer here. 

These products were received for the purpose of inspection and for an unbiased review. 

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