Bellaboo – Clear Skin Smoothie Face Mask 2.5 fl oz – Totally Natural Skincare For Teens and Tweens

I have a teenage daughter and with the teenage years comes acne. We have used a few products and some have been succesful while others haven’t. We were offered this product to try and she was all for anything to help her complexion. It’s smell is one like most other acne products we noticed but this is totally natural. Once this dried on her face, it was like any other mask she has used. It dried a little flaky. While having this on her skin, she didn’t experience and burning or irritation like with other acne products we have tried in the past. This rinsed off very easily with warm water and this has seem to work very nicely when it comes to face for my teen. Her complection has been nice and clear. She used this mask a few times a week.

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