Arvazallia Advanced Hair Repair System

Hair can be styled inmany different ways to show style and personality. It goes through a lot from getting burned with products, to so much other beauty abuse and some people can’t figure out why their hair is so unmanageable. This leaves many cutting their hair or hiding it in a ponytail.

Now you dont have to hide your hair anymore! There is a way to reverse the damage. A company called Arvazallia has just the answer. I was recently offered an opportunity to try their advanced hair repair system. I was sent the shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask. This company is really on to something here with their products. My hair was so damaged from highlighting and using my heat styling products and now, it looks and feels fantastic. I was sent three different products to review. Here is what I thought of them. 

My hair is very dry and damaged from my heat styling products and dying it from time to time. I was recently offered to try the Shampoo, Condtioner, and this product. I was otherwise brand loyal but the promosies of these products in the description were something that caught my interest. I was looking for a product to do such things and the one I was currently using helped, but could’ve been a lot better. Using this companie’s shampoo and conditioner worked wonders for my hair, but my hair still needed a bit of a boost so to speak. It was still getting styled with heat products and it needed something. This hair mask was exactly what I needed. To start out, this smells absolutely AMAZING! I keep smelling my hair becuase it just smells sooo good! I followed the directions and worked it in and left on my hair for 7 minutes. It says between 5-7 but my hair needed some serious help. I combed it through my hair to distribute it evenly and rinsed out my hair. When I went to brush my hair afterwards, it just glided through without any snarles. My hair has that shine I was missing, frizz was next to none, but more importantly, my hair was so soft. Using this product has gave my hair the moisture it longed for and I couldn’t be more impressed with it.

I was brand loyal to another brand, but was offered this to try out and based on the product description I decided to. I am so happy that I did. I was sent the shampoo, conidtioner, and hair mask. When used in combination with the shampoo, the results are amazing. The conditioner bottle is nicely presented for the product. Conditioner is nice and thick. I could tell immediately once I applied the conidtioner that it was a good one. Normally after shampooing with any shampoo, including this brand, my hair is all snarly. Once the conditioner was in my hair, I could literally run my fingers through my hair without a snarl. This didn’t have that weight to it on application and unlike most conditioners, this was easy to rinse out. Many conditioners seem like it takes forever to rinse out. This is completely different. Once my hair dried, the frizz I had experienced with my hair was tamed down and my hair didn’t have that greasy feeling that many conditioners leave behind. The smell is absolutely AMAZING! After dying my hair, I really needed this for my hair. I am going to stick with this brand.

Before using this product, I was dedicated to another brand I stumbled upon in reviewing. To me the other item was the best thing since sliced bread, until I found this one. Starting out, this is a nicely sized and appealing bottle. The shampoo is clear and nice and thick. Using this takes some getting use to as the lather is a lot different than what we all are accustomed to using. Keep in mind this is Sulfate and chemical free as described in the product description. As I was working this into my hair, I noticed something right away besides the different lather, the smell. My goodness does this ever smell GOOD. This rinsed out very easily and quickly unlike other shampoos where you need to really work at getting it rinsed out because of the huge lather it offers. You know how after you shampoo, your hair squeeks? Well it’s because your hair was just stripped from all oils. This didn’t give my hair the squeek but cleaned it very nicely. I used this shampoo in combination with this brand’s conditioner and hair mask. I have VERY long hair and it is curly at times and with that comes snarles. My hair issues haven’t been a worry since finding this brand.

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This product was received for the purpose of inspection and for an unbiased review. Images are courtesy of the Amazon product listing. 

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