Blue and White Meridian King / Cal-king 3-piece Duvet-Cover-Set, 100 % Egyptian Cotton 300 TC

When it comes to purchasing comforters for our bedrooms, it can get costly. I mean sure there are cheap ones out there that you can get, but they don’t offer much for warmth or quality. To purchase a good heavy one that will offer you warmth and comfort often runs to be around one-hundred dollars. That turns out to be an investment in my eyes.As a parent, things happen. Often the kids like to go into my room and with kids comes dirt and what not. It leaves me having to visit the laundry mat washing my comforter in a triple loader to have it look clean week after week. This adds more wear to it, causing it to not last as long. There had to be an answer out there to help remedy this situation, but what exactly? A duvet cover!

I was recently offered the opportunity to check a duvet cover out from a company by the name of Royal Hotel Bedding. This is a company that sells quality products on Amazon for your home. All are very nice as you can see if you would like to take a look at their storefront which is located here. When this product arrived to my home, it was wrapped very nicely to insure it arrived safely. It did arrive rather quickly as well. Far sooner than Amazon promised. The product was presented in a nice zip up plastic bag.

I ordered the the color blue in the size of King/California-King from the Amazon listing which is here. There is a varfiety of colors to choose from, but I wanted to go with something nice and light for the spring. Here is what the description states about the product:

Luxury Meridian 3-pc King/Cal-King Duvet-Cover-Set 
1- Duvet Cover 106×92″ & 2- Pillow Shams 20×36″ W/ Button Closer.
Duvet Covers slip over your existing comforter creating new luxury look.
 Brand New, Factory Sealed, Wholesale Prices
Machine wash in cold water with similar colors.
Tumble dry low. Do not bleach

So basically it doesn’t say a whole lot, but it really doesn’t need to. Once you were to see this in person, you would know exactly what I mean when I state that. The pattern is nice and modern. Not something you see everyday. I love that because I pride myself on having a unique style as well as modern. The feeling of this is exceptional. It is so soft. Surely this is going to be perfect for snuggling. The colors are rich and vibrant. In the picture of the listing, I thought this looked more teal but in person, it is a true light blue, Reminds me of what the sky looks like on a warm sunny day. Looking at this item and the sewing. The stitch is nice and straight and I do not see a loose thread at all on this . Stitches are nicely reinforced on this offering some durability as well as longevitiy. This has buttons to close the duvet cover once you have your blanket inside of it. Those buttons are excellent quality as well and reinforced to stay put.

Getting this on:

Well, I am a little embarassed to admit this but it took me a second to figure this out and by second, I man a half hour. I had to ask a friend of mine who I knew had this item as well for some advice. She directed me to a how to YouTube video. Once she did that, it was very easy. You turn the duvet cover inside out. Simply tie to the corners on the bottom and pull it up. Once you get it up, tie the upper corners, then cutton shut, and bam!  I don’t know why I thought this was so hard! The shams were easy unlike mosts. You simply insert pillows from one end and slide through.

How does it look?
To be honest, this really brightens up my room. It is absolutely gorgeous not to mention comfortable. The shams in this package are a nice added bonus to the duvet cover to really offer that completed look. The pattern is extraordinary. You really can’t go wrong with this set.

**I used this comforter which I will also be writing a review for with this item**

I have a master bath and people have to walk past my bedroom in order to get to it and I have received many compliments as well as inquiries as to where this came from. It’s a hit!

This product is sold on for $69.99 + $6.98 shipping. For more information about this product or to read further reviews, please feel free to visit here.

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