Royal Hotel’s King / California-King Size Down-Alternative Comforter – Duvet Insert, 300-Thread-Count 100% Down Alternative Fill

Living in the mid-west means the temperatures are very cold for a good majority of the year. Our winters often reach temperatures that hit up to -40. Hiding in the house with the heat turned up is a good solution for this issue, but unfortunately, with the economy, keeping the heat turned up can get pricey. So, what do we do here? Well we turn down the heat when we go to sleep. Yeah, I hear you giggling, but think about it. You are under a blanker anyhow and it isn’t like we turn the heat off or anything. Well, I don’t. Having your room at a cooler temperature helps you sleep better but you need to have a good comforter to keep you nice and toasty warm.I have bought many. There are some out there that look like they would offer some warmth, but nope! They leave you with your teeth chattering grabbing more blankets. Others out there are too warm and leave you feeling like you are in a sauna. It is hard to find one that offers just the right amount to be honest.

I was recently offered the opportunity to check a duvet cover out from a company by the name of Royal Hotel Bedding. This is a company that sells quality products on Amazon for your home. All are very nice as you can see if you would like to take a look at their storefront which is located here. When this product arrived to my home, it was wrapped very nicely to insure it arrived safely. It did arrive rather quickly as well. Far sooner than Amazon promised. The product was presented in a nice zip up plastic bag.

I ordered the King/Cal King Down-Alternative Comforter – Duvet Insert, 300-Thread-Count 100% Down Alternative Fill from which is located here. Based on the product description, this item seemed very promising. Here is what the description has to say:

Luxury goose down-alternative comforter provides medium warmth for year-round comfort King/Cal-King size 106×90 inches, 60 oz Filling, 100% Goose Down-Alternative-Fill
300TC Micro-Fiber Cover. Hypo-allergenic, Allergy Free. Mashine Wash
Box-stitching design to avoid any shifting in your comforter and for the Maximum warmth
Original when you Buy off “Royal Hotel” Manufacturer only!

Upon opening this item, I didn’t notice any odor like with most down items I have purchased in the past so that was a huge upside. With anything that is down, it needs a few hours to air out or a few minutes in the dryer to get that fluff it is well known to have. I just through this in the dryer for about ten minutes and it fluffed up nicely. Now the color white with me is a huge no-no in my home. With five kids, I am sure you can imagine. So, I needed something to protect my comfy investment. I went on the search to find something and alas! I found something called a duvet cover.

**This is the duvet cover that I got to go with this item **

Once placed inside the duvet cover, my wonderful comforter had taken on a new look and was protected to make sure it would be safe and last a few years. I won’t have to wash it twice a week because of any insightly spots, I will just wash the cover. This comforter is so warm and fluffy that it is my absolute favorite. It has loops inside of each corner to tie the cover and reinforce it into place.

This comforter is sold on for $59.99 USD with Amazon Prime. For more information on ordering this item or to read further reviews, please feel free to visit here.

This product was received for the purpose of inspection and for an unbiased review.

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