CanYouHandlebar Initiative Beard Oil 1 OZ

My husband loves looking good but when it comes to having something for his beard, his product choice has been less than desirable. The oil he was using smelled disgusting and made him look like Master Splinter, the sewer rat. I asked him to change his product choice, but like most men, he wouldn’t.

I was offered a chance to try CanYouHandlebar Initiative Beard Oil 1 OZ and I jumped at the chance. I had hoped this would be better and my husband would love it. Well, my hopes were achieved. This stuff smells amazing! It smells fresh and like citrus. The look when he uses it offers shine and it doesn’t have the greased up look. Its a cleaner look if that makes any sense.

This product comes in a small attractive flask which is pretty neat in my opinion. I would like to see it come with something extra though. Maybe a special beard comb or something like that. The flask is unique and would definitely add some style to your man’s manscaping collection. All together, I think this is a hit. I know my hubby will be using this for now on, so to all you ladies who hate your man’s current beard product, sneak him this one 😉

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