CanYouHandlebar Beard Oil Brush

My husband is a man with a huge manscape collection, but one thing that was missing was a brush for his beard. He used a comb and to be honest, I don’t think it was helping him much. His beard still looked terrible. Don’t tell him that though 🙂

I was offered a chance to review this brush. I don’t get a lot of things to review that are man things, so I was happy to be able to enlist my hubby in this review. This product comes in a unique and attractive tin. It is nice for storage and for travel purposes which I am sure you can gather. This brush is pretty neat. Made with horse hair, the bristles are nice and soft. It doesn’t hurt to use this on your face like with most beard brushes. My husband used this in combination with the CanYouHandlebar Initiative Beard Oil. He said it was like a nice gentle massage on his face and it evenly distributed the oil nicely throughout his beard. I would agree with his opinion on that one.

Since using this, my husband has tossed out his little comb. I am sure it is safe to say this is his new favorite. I would like to see this brush come with the beard oil. If you haven;t had a chance to try their beard oil, I highly recommend it. It smells heavenly and works wonders for the look of the beard. The little question mark branding is pretty neat to. Seems masculine. This is a nice dirable brush.

This product is sold on Amazon for $19.99. For more ordering information or to see what other reviewers think of this, please feel free to visit here.

This product was received for the purpose of inspection and for an unbiased review.

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