Clear Globe String Lights – Indoor & Outdoor Use

Lights, they set the ambiance for any gathering or for the holidays. From indoors to outdoors, it is a head turning display of fun and personality. Our home has a back patio where we like to entertain, so these were a perfect addition to set the mood for fun.

This string of lights is 25 feet long and can extent to 50 feet with another one added. There are 25 bulbs to a string with these. Each bulb has a nice soft warm glow to it. These bulbs are clear and offer a nice crisp light is that makes any sense. The have that vintage look to them which is sure to be the topic of conversation. I love how on this string of lights, there are clips to insure proper and secure placement of this string. Each strand of lights uses 125 w of electricity (5w per bulb) making them very energy efficient. The cord on this seemed t be very heavy duty as well as durable. It is your typical holiday light cord green. I wish it came in a different color or maybe a variety of ones for the cord itself. The green color is sort of an eye sore.

These lights seem to be very nice and the cord itself seems to be designed to endure whatever mother nature or your home has in store for it. The amount of light is absolutely perfect for any occasion or mood you are trying to set. If your in the market for a good set of indoor/outdoor lights that are the right amount of light, I highly suggest these ones.

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