Click-A-Brick Animal Kingdom Safari 30pc Educational Toys Building Blocks Set for Boys and Girls

I am always looking for really neat toys that will provke my children to think outside of the box. I love things that will make them utilize their imagination and I have found a really neat product that offers that.

Click-A-Brick offers a really neat building blocks set called the Animal Kingdom Safari Set. This set has some really nice colored blocks that include yellow, brown, and dark orange. It really does do a wonderful job symbolizing colors of the safari. In this set, it offers directions to make a lion, monkey, giraffe, camel, or wolf. The possibilities are truly endless for your little one when it comes to these blocks in all honesty. These blocks offer a unique 3D deisgn and can connect from all sides. They are non-toxic ABS plastic, larger than Legos (near 1 sq in) reducing choking hazards.

Perfect for either a girl or a boy, this was a toy all of my children could enjoy. My four year old really loved playing with these and he made some pretty neat creations. It was fun to watch him build with these seeing his imagination in action. My older kids even enjoyed these. There were directions included with the set that were easy to understand for them to build what was pictured on the box. This is a toy for someone of all ages.

This product is sold on for $14.99 USD. For more information on ordering these or to read what other people have thought of this item, please feel free to visit here. Feel free to check out their website as well which is located at

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