Pink Miracle Tennis Shoe Cleaner

When it comes to purchasing shoes these days, it can be pricey. For me, a good pair of shoes runs me almost $100 bucks. It gets pricey that’s for sure and with an investment like that, we want to try to keep looking them nice.

Pink Miracle Tennis Shoe Cleaner is just the answer. This wonderful cleaner is something I wish I had found years ago. It came with a nice handy scrub brush as well. For me as a consumer, I appreciated that. This cleans and conditions all leather, vinyl and suede sports shoes. It can also be used on auto and boat upholstery. It is totally color safe and contains gentle non-abrasive cleaning agents and saddle soap. For those of you who don’t know about saddle soap, it works wonders! To use this, wet the scrub brush and apply a small amount of the Pink Miracle to the brush. Scrub and and simple wipe clean with a towel. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

For me, it worked wonders on my shoes. I was a little skeptical because this looked a little thin and  to be honest, it smelled like the soap you use when you wash your hands at the doctor’s office. It only took me about the size of a dime on the brush and my shoes were looking as good as new. This is going to be a life save when it comes to my four year old’s shoes, that’s for sure. I am very surprised there is something out there on the market like this and I am sure shoe companies are going to hate the makers of this stuff. I highly recommend getting some of this stuff to you.

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