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When it comes to cute clothes, I think it is safe to say that all women love them. We love things that flatter our figures and keep us comfy. Having a variety of items that do that, give us that little extra pep in our step. It helps us showcase our personality, our moods.

I was recently checking out Amazon and stumbled upon some really cute clothing items from a company called Finejo. Now when I say cute, I mean cute. They have so many items on there, that a girl could really have a nice clothing collection in my opinion. I wanted to check out some of their items, so I had to ask. I was able to discuss reviewing with a representative named Daniel. This represtative was so helpful and told me yes. I was even able to choose two items that I wanted to review. Now this company is overseas and like with most over seas sellers, it takes a while to receive products, however Daniel made it so it didn’t take long at all for me to receive my items. When my items were received, Daniel made sure everything was okay and checked in. I was very pleased with the customer service offered from this company. To check out all of the products offered from this company, please feel free to visit their storefront on Amazon which is located here. Here are the items I received and what I thought about them.

FINEJO Womens Deep V Neck Sexy Cocktail Evening Party Business Bodycon Mini Dress
Video to see the look
Price $10.75-$14.09 with Prime

This dress is very cute. It is true to the picture on the listing. The top is an off white stetchy material. The material is thick enough to not see through but not too thick to keep you too warm. The arms are the perfect length for the consumer. Dress is true to length in the photo as well. It comes up to the mid thigh. The top of this dress offers lines to help accent the shape of the person wearing this item. When the skirt comes into play from the top it blens so perfectly. The dress has pleats to accent the shape and keep the dress a little puffy. It isn’t real puffy, but keeps the shape we as women try to look for in our dresses. The floral pattern is just beautiful. The overall feeling of this dress is that it is very comfortable. It can be worn with a cami or without one for a more sexier look. When I washed this item, I follwed the instructions and hung it to dry. Colors didn’t fade, seams held up nicely, and no loose threads were found. I love this dress.

FINEJO Women Warm Cute Teddy Bear Ear Coat Hoodie Hooded Jacket Fleece Outerwear
Video to see the look
Price $17.49 with Prime

Warm and soft are the first two words that come to mind when describing this coat. Made out of fleece, this is not only soft, but warm. The detail with the teddy bear accents are adorable. The ears are just the right size on the hood and placed with the correct spacing to offer that look as promised. In the back of the coat, there is a cute teddy tail which is nicely centered. The tail is reinforced through stitching and seems to be on there pretty good. There is elastic inside the arms of the coat covered by fleece. The elastic is not tight and offers a nice fit to make sure wind won’t get into the coat. The waist of this coat also offers that. Zipper is plastic and doesn’t catch on any material. When looking at the stitching, it is straight and for the most part from what I can see doubt stitched everywhere. This is true to size and color as shown in the product listing. I live in the mid-west where temperatures get pretty chilly. This is a perfect Spring/Fall coat for me.

Overall the products I have received from this company are to my satisfaction. They are well made and very fashionable. I couldn’t be more happy with this company not only for their service but for their quality products.

These products were offered for the purpose of inspection and for an unbiased review.

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