Garden Solar Lights by Garden Joy

When it comes to the summer time, many people make the best of it and spend a lot of time outdoors. One of the activities that many enjoy doing is decorating their yards. That is something that I enjoy doing. I plant flowers and add various items to offer some curb appeal and make it a relaxing oasis.

Living out in the country, it gets pretty dark outside. So dark, that when coming home at night, it is tough to see where you are walking and need some light. One of the things I have done to help with this issue is I added solar lights. They are not only good for offering light, but they do it in an affordable way.

I purchased the Wal-Mart bargain ones in the past and I just wasn’t impressed with the amount of light offered from them. I settled with it though because they did offer some light. I approached Garden Joy to see if they would offer me a chance to review some of their solar lights. I was met with exceptional customer service from them. They were more than happy to offer me the opportunity. As a matter of fact, they had the lights to me within a matter of a few days. The lights were packaged nicely to insure they would arrive to me safely. I was impressed with this company’s customer service.

When these arrived, they needed to be assembled. They were very easy to assemble and only took a few minutes. Something about these that I thought was pretty neat was that you had an option of two heights with these. I chose the higher of the two as it helps get the most light out of the device. The whole light is basically plastic with the exception of the re-chargable battery. Getting these into the ground and set up was a piece of cake. I waited until the night time to see if they were going to work as promised. I left them in the sun all day to get a good charge.

Night time came and when I looked outside, I was surprised with a good amount of light from these lights. There were ten in this set which was perfect for the walk way. They looked beautiful and really made the yard look great as well, both in the day as well as the night. I will certainly be saving up to purchase another set of these for the rest of the yard. I certainly won’t be wasting my time with the Wal-Mart cheapies any more. This is how a solar light should be.

Thanks Garden Joy!

If you are looking for a quality product like this, please feel free to visit their listing on Amazon located here. The price of these is $36.95 USD with a Prime membership. There are also reviews from others who have purchased this product. Please feel free to take a look.

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