Glow 2 Go Organic Self Tanner Towelettes

Living in the mid-west can propose a problem when it comes to getting a good tan. Many people who want that sun kissed look on their skin go to tanning salons as our sunny days are so numbered. Going to the tanning salons does help, but with some side effects. The harmful rays not to mention that orange glow many seem to get.

On my search to find something that didn’t have me practically laying in a coffin turning my skin orange, I stumbled across the Glow 2 Go self tanner wipes. This product promises to provide a streak free, even, quick, and natural looking tan. All the consumer had to do was rub the towelette on their skin and wait four hours. This seemed too good to be true, so I decided to put this one to the test.

The package comes complete with twenty individually wrapped towelettes. Each one is nice and soft saturated in the special tanning solution. There wasn’t a fragrance to this really, just like a typical small of a fragrance free wipe if that makes sense. There was no chemical smells like you see with a lot of the self tanners. To cover my whole body, it took about 4 wipes. I wasn’t sure how dry was too dry and etc. I wanted to make sure I did this right. I followed the directions, no shaving 24 hours prior to use 🙂 After application, I didn’t notice any skin irritation at all. This was very nice as it was something I worried about. Results are not going to be seen for four hours and even so, you can apply again if you haven’t reached the desired result you are looking for.

After four hours, I did see the results I was looking for. My skin has a nice glow to it. Not a red or orange glow, but a nice brown glow. I really loved the results. This was so much easier and cleaner than the other products I had used in the past and they didn’t deliver half of the results this did for me. To maintain your tan, it states to re-apply 1-2 times a week. I just did it the once and I still have the same wonderful results. I wish these came in bigger boxes because like I said, I had to use four for one time. With results like these though, I will definitely be ordering more of these.

Be Sun kissed, not kissed from an Oompa Loompa! This product is sold on for $12.49 USD. For more information on ordering or to read what other users have said in their reviews, please feel free to visit here. Readers, be on the lookout, there will be a giveaway coming soon. You could win the same product I just reviewed. Stay tuned for the deets!

This product was received for the purpose of inspection and for an unbiased review.

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