Gurin GO-410 Finger Pulse Oximeter

With my kidney issues, I have the tendency to become ill fast and terribly. I don’t know how many times where I have called a nurse and she asked me what my O2 levels were. Unable to tell her, I was advised to get to the doctor immediately and discovered it was below an acceptable level. If I had monitored it from home, I could’ve contacted my doctor sooner to prevent such a level of illness.

That’s where the Gurin Pulse Oximeter has come into play for me. I was offered an opportunity to try one of these and I will be the first to admit, I thought it was going to be junk. I thought the only good quality ones were from medical supply stores. I will admit, I was absolutely wrong. This is a pretty neat and accurate device. Now, just to be clear, I do have one from a medical supply store and I did use this within comparison of the Gurin one. So, I tested this a little tougher than most of the products I look at.

This product comes with a carry case, a lanyard, the batteries, and the device itself. It has an automatic shut off after about 15-20 seconds and is FDA approved. Aesthetically, this device is pretty nice. It has an easy to read LCD color screen with four different display modes to choose from. My other one from the medical supply was a black and white screen and the numbers were pretty tough to read. I needed my glasses to read it. The Gurin takes two AAA batteries which is very convenient. You don’t have to go hunting for batteries when you need to. My other takes the watch batteries which is a pain. The screen for the Gurin has a battery indicator light ad so much more, the other, just my oxygen level. When comparing prices between the two products, the Gurin was half of the price. The Gurin matched the more expensive one as in terms of accuracy. So in my opinion, the Gurin is the way to go by miles.

This product is sold on for $38.95 USD. For more information about this product or to read what other reviewers think about it, please feel free to visit here..

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