Coosh CBS002A Precision Digital Bathroom Scale with Enlarged LCD and Comfort Plus Platform, 330lb Capacity

When it comes to losing weight, it is important to have a good exercise routine. Having one in place ensures success to reach that goal. One of the tools needed to make your routine a success includes having a good scale to monitor your progress.

With so many scales out there on the market, it really depends on what you are going to use your scale for to determine which type you will need. If you are looking to follow a strict exercise routine and would like to monitor all aspects, this is definitely going to be the one you want. This sleek and modern scale is sure to be a top contender when you consider your purchase. The platform is made out of tempered glass (6mm) and is see through for the most part. Numerals are nice and large and easy to read. The display doesn’t have a back light like most of them out there but because the numerals are so large, I don’t think it is really necessary in the design for one. This product does come with an instruction manual which makes using this as well as setting it up a breeze. This scale measures in three units kg/lb/st and can store up to twelve different people’s profiles. This scale has quite the features. It offers measurements of body fa, body hydration, body muscle, body bone, and calorie intake requirement. This is definitely the scale to have if you are looking to lose weight and monitor your body on everything. Settings are very easy to maneuver through. The user manual is well written and makes it easy to guide through all of the scale’s features. Batteries are easily accessible to change. This takes a lithium battery and has an auto start feature when stepped on. Overall, this is a scale with all the bells and whistles with a lot of technology. Perfect for the fitness enthusiast.

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