Head Lamp By Aennon

I am always outside doing something. Riding horses, fishing, gardening and so much more. Unfortunately, there is only so much sunlight for the day. Usually my activities continue after the sun goes down. It gets touch trying to hold a flashlight sometimes because when I am hauling hay or fishing, my hands are already in use.

This wonderful headlamp offers me a nice bright light with  keeping my hands free. This wonderful headlamp offers low, medium and high for light power and also red lights in case of an emergency. I really love that feature. The band is adjustable to fit around your head and stays put very nicely. This doesn’t have the middle strap that goes across your head like most. The buttons are very nice and springy. Changing the batteries is pretty easy. I took a quarter to twist the compartment open and placed them inside with the greatest of easy.

All together, I think this is a nice light that offers a good source of light for any outdoor activity. This product is sold on Amazon.com for $17.99 USD. For more information on ordering this item, or to read further reviews, please feel free to visit here.

This product was received for the purpose of inspection and for an unbiased review. Product images are courtesy of the product listing on Amazon.com.

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