High capacity Powerbank Dual USB output sockets


Coosh 4.2A 4 Port Multi-USB Family Charger but was sent a High capacity Powerbank with Dual USB output sockets. It is a great product, don’t get me wrong, but I was sent the wrong one. I have sent numerous messages to the company to remedy this issue, but haven’t heard back and after all this time, I am just going to review this one instead here.

This review is a little different here. I have reviewed a few products from this company and I have loved each product. They are very good quality and wonderful products in all honesty. I applied to review the

About this product:
1. Battery Type: Li-ion Battery Chinese 18650 2,600mAh Cell
2. Capacity: 13,000mAh /48.10Wh
3. Input: Micro USB 5V/1A
4. Output: USB1 5V/1A USB2 5V/2.1A(Max))
5. Dimension: 123*75*24mm 6. Weight: 277g

This is a nice durable power bank that really seems to charge items relatively fast. I love that it has the ability to charge two different devices at a time and quickly as well. I was able to charge two devices three times without having to charge the power bank itself which was really nice. I have the peace of mind that my devices will never run low on a family trip. It is small enough to fit in your purse or bag for easy mobility. This does has a little bit of weight to it, but no more than any other power bank that I have tried.

I was unable to find this product on Amazon, but I do know a lot of their products are just rolling out, so I am not sure if this one has been rolled out from them just yet or not. I have no information on it to be honest. I can tell you that this and a few of their other products I have tried are incredible and of great quality. I use to believe they had wonderful customer service as well. The past products I received to review had a letter as well as a handwritten signature, so I am really floored here with the lack of customer service I am getting with this one. Either way, this is a great power bank. I will let you all decide. For more information about Coosh and their products, please feel free to visit their website located here.

This product was received for the purpose of inspection and for an unbiased review.

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