Lemon Oil By Majestic Pure Cosmeceuticals

With so many chemicals in our products for everyday use, it is no wonder why we are seeing more people with more health ailments these days. For me, if I can’t pronounce it, it isn’t getting used in my home. If my kids want to use things like that when they get older, they can, but as a parent, it is part of my job to make sure they are safe in every way possible and limiting chemical exposure is one thing I will do.

I discovered essential oils a while back. It took me a little bit of time to know what was what and what it was for. What worked with what for combinations, what shouldn’t be combined, but I figured it out. Now, I am a little whiz and the person people will come up to and ask when looking for alternative ways of going about things. One of my favorite essential oils for my home is Lemon Essential Oil. 
This oil is a miracle worker so to speak. It can deodorize garbage cans with a few drops on a cotton ball, sanitize a surface with a few drops in a spray bottle and vinegar, It works wonders to remove gum, grease, crayon, and stains from surfaces as well as clothing, helps acne, and if put in a diffuser can revitalize you just to name a few. With so many uses for this, it is good to have this one hand and to get a great quality brand. 
Majestic Pure offers a wonderful therapeutic grade in a 4 oz. bottle. This is just as good as the higher priced one and works just as wonderful. This comes with a glass eye dropper which makes getting the drops of lemony goodness out appropriately. For this bottle, it is priced on Amazon.com for $18.50 USD. When you open this and smell it full strength, it will remind you of a hot summer day drinking your lemonade. Just a few drops of this oil does what you need it to, so this bottle goes a very long way folks. This is a wonderful brand of this oil.

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