Rimini 1500W Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Professional Hair Dryer by XTAVA TM

O.K., so I am the type of gal who has super long thick hair. Long meaning almost down to my waist. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, who on earth could have that long of hair? Me! My hair grows very fast and is really thick. I figure when I get old, I am going to have it short, so, I may as well enjoy it while I have most of it…. with color.

Yes, having long flowing beautiful hair is nice. I get many compliments and my husband absolutely loves it but there are drawbacks to having long hair. For instance, I go through a ton of shampoo, I always have to clean the shower drain because of the shedding problem we all have when we wash our hair, and the biggest one, it takes forever for my hair to dry. Now, shampoo doesn’t cost a ton of money and well to be honest, I have to clean the bathroom anyway, so those two problems aren’t too terrible, but I live in the mid-west where it is so cold for nine months of the year. I can’t exactly go outside with wet hair. Well, I take that back, I could, if I wanted icicles for hair. 

Blow drying my hair took way too long not to mention my hand would get tired. It was like I was pressing a five pound weight, I swear. When I would turn it on, it would wake up the whole neighborhood too. Well, not the whole neightborhood, but my household, and that counts as a neighborhood I guess with the size of my family. At any rate, I hated blow drying my hair. Another down side to blowdrying, was frizziness. I literally looked like I stuck my finger in a light socket. Not cool.

I was offered to try a new hair dryer. One that made promises and sweet nothings into my ear about being lightweight as well as quiet. Could this be true? I had to try it to see for myself. So, off to washing my hair I went.

This blow dryer is indeed lightweight. Weighing a whopping 1.3 pounds my kids’ bath toys weight more than this. I expected something light, but this is really light. I like that. Atleast I know one of my arms won’t be bigger than the other. This blow dryer is at an angle which is ergonimically correct, which is pretty neat. Easy on the wrists and hands I suppose. I mean I am a whopping 33 years old, I need to pay attention to this type of stuff. This blow dryer has your typical three drying levels high, medium, and low. I like that, always been a fan of that. Sometimes, I just don’t like pretending to be in a wind tunnel. So this controls that. There is also two power levels that accompany the three drying levels. This is really a cool feature to have because it adds some variety. It also shows that Xtava acknowledges that there are different ways we like to dry our hair and everyone has different textures, densities, and lengths. There is something called a cool shot button on this. It is the little blue button with the snowflake, can’t miss it. This blows cool air to set a style. Now, although this was new to me (my dinosaur didn’t have this) it is one of my favorite things about this. I do a lot of styling with heat, but sometimes, while the style is cooling, it will fall. Ha Ha, take that hair monster! You won’t ruin another one of my styles again! The chord is really nice and thick as well. Heavy duty I guess you could say. So, if you are anything like me, who slams cords in drawers are what have you, it will be ok, this cord can defend itself against that. There is also a hook to hang this up with which is pretty awesome. Never seen something like that either. Am I sheltered? Anyway, for you ladies out there with messy vanities, this will help you when you do decide to clean them up 🙂 This also has a surger protector on it, so if your circuit pops, your blow dryer is safe from doom. 
This blow dryer has something called advanced ionic technology. We are going to skip through the science of things, but basically, it helps keep away frizz while adding more shine and smoothness. Yes! This is something I SO need. This does come with a removable nozzle as well for precise styling and maximum air flow. So, how did this stack up?  Perfect in my opinion. I mean, it has my other one beat by miles. There is a guard on the back of this blow dryer which is SUPER nice because for some reason, I always seem to get my hair caught into the blow dryer, not with this one, so that has saved me some hair for sure.

Normal drying time for my hair to get completely dry blow drying prior to using this took me an hour. Using this, only about a half hour, maybe fourty minutes. I dry my hair all that way toom no wet spots! Using this blow dryer, my hair wasn’t as frizzy either. I mean sure, there was a little frizz, but that’s just because my hair was clean today. The shine and smoothness that are promised with use of this….oh  yes, it is there. My hair looks fantastic. My hand didn’t get tired like it did while I used the old one and I could jam out to my music while I was drying my hair. Well I could hear it well. This is indeed quiet, but don’t expect not to hear anything, because that’s just inrealistc. It makes sound…lol…just not a lot of it.

Overall, my impression of this blow dryer is that it is a good one. The best one I have come across. This product sells on Amazon.com for $29.99 USD. For more information on ordering this item or to read other reviews, please feel free to visit here.

Xtava has many other products available as well to use, to see their line of products or to get more of a feeling of the brand, please feel free to visit their company website located here.
This product was receoved for the purpose of inspection and for an unbiased review.

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