Lushes Curtains~ Gold and Brown Curtain Tie Backs

For me curtains are an absolute necessity in my home. I use them to add style, save on energy costs, and to keep my neighbors from being able to inside my home at night. I have the ling windows in my home which means the long curtains. There are many different ways to keep them open during the days and one of the most stylish is using tie backs.

I have purchased many tie backs in my day often left with utter disgust because they didn’t meet my expectations. How? With durability. I would have them no more than two weeks and notice they were fraying or coming apart. Now, just to be clear, I wasn’t buying my tie backs from a big box store. I was getting them online. I finally gave up purchasing them and purchased those iron holders. Sure they worked but they didn’t add that style that I like.

I was recently offered an opportunity to review some tie backs from a company called Lushes Curtains. This company offers a wide array of curtains, hardware, and tie backs. Lushes Curtains offers a reliable source of velvet curtains, backdrops and tie backs For both homes and businesses. One their website they offer pricing for new and used items. I took this excerpt of their website that they had.

     Headquartered in South El Monte, California, Lushes Curtains was established under two very important principles which we still live by today: to offer our customers premium quality velvet curtains and competitive prices and to give the highest level of customer service and support that is unmatched by anyone else in the industry. Our ready-made panels range in sizes from small to extra-large and come in your choice of either cotton or fire rated velvet materials.
Reputation for excellence and quality speaks for itself and our many satisfied customers from all over the world choose Lushes Curtains for our competitive pricing and expert knowledge in the industry. Whether you are buying wholesale or retail, Lushes Curtains has all of your velvet curtain needs covered.

I had the opportunity of working with Joe to choose an item from their tie back selection. With so many to choose from, I had a hard time choosing one to be honest. I went with the colors in my dining room as that is where I entertain the most. I chose this style from their website. Now keep in mind that the tie backs are sold individually. It didn’t take long for these to arrive. They arrived via priority mail. When these arrived , they were packaged quite nicely. The tie backs were each individually wrapped inside the envelope. I was also given some cards offering a discount of 15% off an entire order, so if any of you would like a code, I have five to share 🙂 

These tie backs have a little weight to them and looking at them, you can tell they are going to be durable and last a good amount of time. Colors are true to the advertisement and look fantastic together. The detail of these is really lovely. Material that these are made out of is rich and durable. The sheen to the material is gorgeous. In my opinion, the price is very fair and you will see why if you choose to order and when they arrive. 
For more information on ordering these items, please feel free to visit their website which is located here.

These items were received for the purpose of inspection and for an unbiased review. 

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