PIOL Dress- My review of the perfect dress

I recently was offered an opportunity to try a new website that is very new. That website is called https://pioldress.com/. I did a write up on some information about the company and site which you may find useful to read prior to reading my review for a better understanding. You can find it located here.

The site is very easy to use and navigate through to be honest. Once to the site, you are directed to answer some questions. This will help you find your color palette. It will ask you the color of your hair, eyes, and skin. Once you have answered this, it will determine which colors would be perfect for you. This is known as step 1 and this will carry over to when you choose your color as well as material for your actual dress. Step 2 is where you will choose what they call a silhouette. This is basically what the dress will look like for you. If you like it to be fitted, loose, shorter, longer, etc. Once you have chosen your silhouette…there are four different ones to choose from, you will get to do a little more customization with it. You’re next step is going into the fitting room. There you will get to so more customizing. You will choose how you would like your neckline, skirt length and look, and how you would like your sleeves on the dress or even any sleeves if any. There is also an added touch tab. Some dresses can have added touches added to them for more personalization, which is really neat. Once finished choosing the look as well as style of the dress, you will then be directed to a screen for measurements. It is important that you measure yourself correctly as this dress is made according to those measurements and the accuracy of the dress does indeed depend on it.

For measurements, you will be asked your dress size, For special sizes, they will add a $50.00 alteration fee additionally, however, they do have a good variety of size availability. It will then ask for your bust size. Now, it is important that you are wearing a good fitting bra when measuring as with an ill fitting one, the measurements will not be accurate. It will also ask you your cup size of your bra as well. Once finished with that, it will ask you the size of your waistline, then your hips, and lastly your height. This part of the design is important to get correctly because the seamstress needs this information precise to make sure your dress will fit you.

Once finished, it will have you review your dress choice as well as measurements to insure you put the information in correctly. It will also give you the total of the price here on this screen. The last few steps are you checking out. This is you making an account if you haven’t already as well as adding payment and shipping information. All together this site takes 3-4 weeks to get the dress to you. It will send you e-mail notifications to let you know when it is shipped as well as with a tracking number to keep track if necessary. I really liked this aspect because if you are expecting it for a special occasion, you will know whether or not if it is going to be there and when to expect it exactly.

My dress arrived via UPS. It was in a box and once the box was opened, there was a colorful file folder with a beautiful green ribbon around it. Inside the file folder, was my dress, wrapped in white tissue paper. My dress was folded beautifully, had a nice belt in a little baggy, and also came with a retractable tape measure. Looking at my dress, I was quite impressed with the look of it. It was exactly what I designed and was expecting. It had a tag on the zipper, which instructed for it to not be removed until I knew for sure if I were to keep my dress. I tried it on, and my dress fit me perfectly. If it hadn’t, and I returned this, they don’t destroy it, they simply donate it to women who are in need of a dress. So I really loved that idea as well. My dress that I ordered was a black stretchy silk dress. It flows beautifully. It fits perfectly. I have never owned something like this. Something that fit me so well and looked so nice. I felt confident in the dress and I needed that.

The dress itself is lined with a silky liner as well. The zipper on this dress is metal. Nice and durable. The whole dress is made of quality fabric. The whole process of this is so easy and the results are amazing. My dress retailed for about $600.00 USD but I received it for just the price of shipping for the purpose of an unbiased review.

Ladies if you are looking for a go to dress that will give you the confidence you wish you had and make you feel amazing, this is where you need to go. The process is easy, fun, and well worth it. Once you get a dress from here, you are sure to want many more and tell everyone about this wonderful site. So go check it out!

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