P’kolino Little Modern Tables and Chairs White

As a mother of five children, I had searched for many tables that would be suitable for them to do crafts at. I would always come up short when it came to finding the right table. Either it wasn’t made well and broke within a few weeks, or just wasn’t what I thought it was when I purchased it. This looks exactly what the listing portrays it to be and is well worth it.

This package arrived in a box. Inside of the box, the woden pieces were placed inside with styrofoam to protect the wood while shipping. All the pieces were labeled with numbers as well as the hardware. The directions were concise and offered diagrams as well to help along the process of putting it together. This even came with the allen wrench you will need. It took me about 20 minutes to put this together which is no time at all. The structure of this is very sturdy. There is no wobble to this all all. The wood is very thick and dirable. My children have been playing with this for a little over two weeks now and it is still solic and sturdy. The chalboard surface is really fun, especially for my 4 year old and cleans up easily without leaving the marks that some chalkboards do. You can also flip the chalkboard piece over and hust have the wooden top. I REALLY love how there is the option to have some organization for their items in this table. It is my daughter’s favorite because she can find anything she has stored easily. This table is quite impressive and I love it just as much as my kids. They even want to eat dinner at it which doesn’t bother me because it is just the right size and height for them. Thank you to the company for making such a wonderful table for kids.

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