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As a parent, you want to make your child’s room comfortable for them. As a mother of five children, I have found that by decorating it to cater to their likes, it makes it a comfortable oasis for them and they love their room more. We recently moved into the country in an older farm house. To be honest, it totally creeped the kids out, so I set out to decorate their rooms they way they wanted them. One of the items that my children said they wanted was a bed tent. I set out to find the perfect one and came across a company called “Pacific Play Tents”.

I had the opportunity to talk to Matt, a representative from the company. He was very welcoming and answered any questions I had very quickly and honestly. When I approached him to do a possible review, he was delighted to let me. He even offered me three different styles to review. Having five kids, I was eleated to take a look at them. I received the pirate, lady bug, and flower styles.

When these items were ordered, it took only two days for them to arrive. They were packaged perfectly to insure a safe delivery to me. They arrived in an Amazon box and once the Amazon box was opened, they were in their own box from Pacific Play Tents. The boxes for the tents were very light weight. When you open these tents, you will see that they come in their own storage bag. Once opened, you will see in the storage bag the tent, bars, and directions. The directions were very easy to understand and had images as well to help figure out the process if you aren’t familar with putting one up. To be completely honest, it took me no more than three minutes to put the tent up and get it on the bed. That’s how easy it was.

So, let’s discuss the product more in depth shall we? So, the bars are a little different. They have a stretchy rope that goes through each bar. You simply put the bars into one another. This is a very easy process. There will be too long plastic bars once you get this together. Once you bet the bars together, just slide them through the designated openings of the tent and slide them through. Once inside these bars are strong and don’t come apart. The ends of each bar are nicely held in with a velcro clasp.  Looking at the material of these tents, it is durable. It is really no different of a material than any other tent. Stitching on this is perfectly straight and well done. The tent istself has velcro to hold the doors shut or open for your child. Velcro is strong and durable. The bottom of these tents is really neat and different from anything I have seen, they have what appears like a fitted sheet to fit over the mattress to keep the tent in place. This is all the same material, but it is sewn and hems are perfect on this style of tent. The material can be wiped off with a damp washcloth in the case that your child may get something on this. Colors on these tents is rich and vibrant, just as advertised. They do appear to look exactly as pictured, there are no surprises. There are two mesh windows on every tent which is great to offer airflow and let your little one see outside of the tent.

So, does this have to be used on a bed? No! This is a bed tent, but the kids wanted to do a sleep over in the livng room. From time to time, I will let them do this just for fun and this was the first time they got to try it with their new bed tents. These also worked wonderful for the kids with just their sleeping bags. These can be used in so many ways as I am sure your child will show you. My little one who has the pirate says it’s his pirate ship and plays like he is a pirate with his hat.

If you are looking for something really neat for a child that is something they can use in a variety of ways and offer some fun for bedtime, I would highly suggest one of these. If you feel that lady bugs, flowers, or pirates aren’t for you, have no fear. The company offers a huge variety of play tents. Feel free to check them out at Please feel free to check them out on their social media as well :
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These products were received for the purpose of inspection and an unbiased review.

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