Pure Down 100% Cotton Fabric 600 Fill Power(with 100% Cotton Pillow Protectors)

When it comes to being comfortable, many people have a variety of preferences and it is no wonder with so many different varieties out on the market. There are polyester fiberfill, bamboo, and down. I am going to be completely honest with you all here, I was sold on the bamboo pillows when they first came out, but then these came.

My experience with down pillows in the past has not been great. Yes, I am picky, so when it comes to my pillows, I will point out just about anything wrong with them, especially if someone were to ask me about them. I have experienced issues with many brands where the pillow molts, has an aweful scent to it, and what I hated the most was getting poked throw the pillow from the feathers. Before you all ask, yes, I did purchase those ritzy covers as well.

As a past top Amazon Reviewer, I came across a company that offered me a variety of down products. I took each to review with skepticism because I had so many bad experiences with down products. Before, I tested their down comforters and let me tell you guys, these things are like heaven! Not kidding! I live in the mid-west, where temperatures get down right frigid, which means my home gets a little chilly at night as well. I live in an older farm home of course. These are lightweight, and warm! If you sleep with a fan, you will not feel the wind blow through these. I never used a down comforter and after trying this company’s, I have told many others and they have agreed with me about them. So, when this company offered me a set of pillows to review, I had to check them out and see if they could meet my expectations.

I was sent Puredown White Down Pillow 100% Cotton Fabric 600 Fill Power(with 100% Cotton Pillow Protectors), King, Set of 2. These pillows arrived in a carry case which is zippable. The case itself is somewhat vacuum sealed, so when you remove the pillows, you will need to give them some time to fluff up so to speak. What I do, is I will throw them in the dryer for a few minutes, and they’re nice and puffy. You could also just fluff them out on your own and have the same effects of course. There was no scent to these that made me gag upon opening like past ones I have had. There is a zippable cover that is well sewn. The zipper is a plastic zipper with a metal pull and I did not encounter any issues with it sticking at all. I really liked that feature because it offers the ability to wash the cover without any hassle. The case as well as the pillow, are well sewn. I see no loose threads and stitches are nice and straight. Laying on these, with the case on of course, I am not getting poked from feathers which really surprised me. I decided to try these over the course of three weeks prior to writing this, and I still have no issues with that. These pillows have not lost any feathers either which is very good in comparison to what I have used in the past. Here is the highlightes that the listing outlines :


  • King size 20-by-36-inch 100% cotton cover
  • The pillow is filled with luxury white down
  • Filling weight-26 oz, with 600 fill power
  • Each white down pillow also with an extra 100% Cotton 300 thread count dobby pattern pillow protector


The only drawback to these that I can find is that they aren’t specific on the contents of this pillow. For people who may suffer from allergies, this could propose an issue. 75% percent is the down, but the other 25 % isn’t exactly clear according to the tag. The cover as well as the outer part of this pillow is 100 % cotton. If it’s any consolation, my son is an allergy sufferer, and has not experienced issues with these.

These pillows are priced affordably at $109.99 with free shipping to Prime members. If you are looking for a quality set of down pillows, and have shopped around, you will agree this is a great deal. I am satisfied with these and they have managed to pass my inspection with no known issues. After trying these, I am sold on them and they are a new favorite of mine.

*This product was provided to me at no cost for the purpose of inspection and an unbiased review**

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