Sweet Scented Pets in time for Valentine’s Day!

NEW PRODUCT LINE: Sweet Scented Pets in time for Valentine’s Day!

Take an adorable Pillow Pet and add the scent of favorite childhood sweet treats, mix gently, and you have a new line of subtly scented Pillow Pets.

Sweet Scented are available in time for Valentine’s Day and start off with four delicious and indulgent flavors:
  • Cookie Pup brings the smell of just out of the oven chocolate chip cookies
  • Gummi Pup has the fruity flavor of one of our favorite chewy candy’s
  • PupCake is right for any occasion with her delicious scent of fresh cupcakes with sugary vanilla frosting.
  • Watermelon Ladybug is bursting with the flavor of a juicy watermelon
Price: $29.99
Free gift special for you readers! 
Purchase any Sweet Scented Pet and get a free Pillow Pets Poucheez (a $4.99 value) while supplies last.
Use code:  SSBLOG
Sweet Scented PupCake will receive the Flower Power Cat Poucheez
Sweet Scented CookiePup will receive the Puppy Poucheez
Sweet Scented GummiPup will receive the Zany Zebra Poucheez
Sweet Scented Ladybug will receive the Rainbow Unicorn Poucheez
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