Rusk Mousse Review and Giveaway

We all love a good product that will make our hair look fantastic. Problem is most of the good products that offer us results like the ones we are looking for cost a lot of money. I like most people are on a budget, but I do want a quality product for my hair that addresses issues I experince. Issues I experience are lack of volume as well as some frizz. It gets to be really annoying when I can’t control my complaints. 

Rusk Mousse is a new product to me. For years I have used a product from the salon that runs me $19.00 USD  a can. I went through one about every 3 weeks and it was just getting to be expensive because my salon was over an hour away. I was offered the chance to try this mousse. It was sent to me and I used it the following morning. It smells pretty good. That is something I look for in products I use on my hair so it passed that requirement. It came out of the can very nicely and pouffed up just the right amount that you would expect from a quality mousse. I applied it into my hair like any other day. Now, I have very long hair, but it lacks volume. It’s always flat. I blowed dried my hair after putting this in and I can’t believe the results. Just beautiful. I am impressed with this product. It performs better than my salon brand! Plus, it’s a bigger can!!
This product is sold here. for $14.50 a can. For more information about ordering or to read further reviews, please feel free to visit the hyperlink. This product was received for the purpose of inspection and for an unbiased review. Images are courtesy of the Beauty Care Choices website. 
The company will be hosting a giveaway, so stay tuned!

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