Set of 2 Ivory 10″ Push-Activated Warm White Flameless Wax Tapers with Timer and Remote

When it comes to having a romatic dinner or entertaining, taper candles offer a pleasant feel and ambiance, but one has to worry about the wax dripping down and creating a mess depending on how long you burn it. Who wants to worry about a candle when relaxing? These candles offer the feel and look of a real taper candle offering safety from fires and less of a mess. The outside of these is actual wax to really give them a real look. The flicker of these is very good. They really do a nice job mimmicking the look of the flame with the flicker and light.

These do come with the necessary batteries required for using these. Installation of the batteries was quite simple and I was able to do it in a matter of minues. The candle part slides out of the wax outside. Simply twist the bottom, insert the batteries, and boom…done! The remote control offers convenience. When you areentertaining there is nothing to worry about and the remote does work for me from a few rooms far from where they are. Directions were well written and easy to understand, These faux taper candles were wrapped to make sure the wax would stay perfectly in tact during the shipping process. This is a wonderful alternative and as close to a real one as it gets.

This product is sold on the webiste and on here. Feel free to take a look around on both sites to read other customer reviews. offers many different wonderful lighting options and I am sure you would fine something you will love there.

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