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I tend to bake a lot and when I say a lot, I mean a lot. As a mother of five children, it is a lot cheaper and healthier that way, especially when there is a holiday, because I am usually the one who does the hosting for meals.I will be the first one to admit, I am a little old fashioned when it comes to my methods. I follow my recipes to the specific measurements and I am stuck on my old fashioned pans. Silicone is the latest and greatest thing to hit kitchens and if you haven’t tried or heard of them, get ready! When I first heard of them, I thought there was no way they could offer the same results.

Silicone Designs offers a variety of kitchen items that are silicone. I reached out to the owner to give them a try. He kindly obliged and sent me four different products to try. Before I get into the review of these items, I would just like to state Silicone Designs has amazing customer service. I felt welcomed, appreciated, and I received the items to review in no time at all. Not too many sellers out there offer all three wonderful aspects of customer service. So, with that being said, I was impressed already. Below you will see what items I received and what I thought about them. 

Kitchen Cooking Utensils and Gadgets, Green Set of 3 Built-in Stand, Turner Spoon Spatula and Ebook

Okay, so I am the first to admit, I LOVE the color green, so when I received these, I was super stoked. These are really neat and to be honest with you all, I have always complained in the kitchen when I set a utensil down about them not having a stand of some sort. To me, it just made sense I guess, so I am stoked these are out. Color of these is nice and vibrant. I love how there are liitle heart holes to hang these up for easy orgnaization in the kitchen. The stands are perfect and do the job as promised. I love how there is a 90 day product warranty on these. The ebook that comes with this is seriously useful and you will love this. The green handle area is covered with silicone offering a great grip. It is also contoured for a more ergonomic feel while cooking. This is truly a nice set and one of my favorites.

Silicone Cooking Utensils and Red Kitchen Gadgets Set of 6, Turner and Spoon Spatula Tool with Ebook

This is your one stop shop to get the utensils you need for the kitchen in one shot. I love how these have the holes in them on the ends to hang for easy organization. The silicone goes along the whole product which is nice. It offers a great grip and no chance of scrathcing pots or pans while using these. Now, usually when it comes to using items like this, you run into staining or where the food odor sticks with these. I made chili, spaghetti, and many other foods that are notorious for affecting silicone items, these help up very nicely. I didn’t experience any issues with any of the two mentioned typical problems. These are really durable and offer durability and longevitiy to the consumer.

Silicone Texas Muffin Pans and Cupcake Maker, 6 Cup Large, Set of 2, Commercial Use, Recipe Ebook

I will admit, I love a good muffin and when it is one of the big ones, I am in love even more so. Eating 2 muffins can leave you feeling a little like a piggy, so why not boost self confidence by only eating one huge At any rate, I love this. It comes in a set of two pans. These pans are a nice thick silicone which is what I like to look for when taking these products into consideration. Using these is also a more healthier way of baking because you don’t have to line the pan, you simply add your batter, then when the finished product is ready, turn it over and its out. This cooks my muffins evenly and well. With some silicone products like this staining is a huge issue as well as left behind odors, not a case here. I cooked everything from chocolate to starwberry and everything else under the sun, and this set still looks as new as the day it arrived.

Silicone Mini Muffin Pan and Cupcake Maker 24 Cup, Multi-use Commercial Grade Bakeware, Recipe Ebook

My kids love mini muffins and so do their classmates. I still have little ones in the house so when it comes to baking tasty treats for them, this size just makes more sense, especially when we are doing classroom parties and stuff like that. I like this set. I did try another brand and to be honest, it just wasn’t anywhere near the quality as this one. This offers a nice thick silicone. I love how durable this set is and how it cooks so evenly. When my product is done, it slides out with the greatest of easy. I haven’t had any issues with food odor staying or and staining with this product like you run into with many other silicone products.

The e-books that come with these products are very nicely written and useful. I was never really an e-book type of gal until I took a look at these. They are full of insightful and useful information. The recipes are fantastic in these. I have made a few of them.

For more information about this company and their wonderful products, feel free to check out their website which is located here. For more product reviews or to order, please feel free to click on the hyperlink which will lead you to the product listing.

These items were received for the purpose of inspection and for an unbiased review.

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