VitaCoco Lemonade and Vanilla Cafe Latte Flavors

When it comes to drinks, we all want to have what is the best or healthiest. It should to no surprise that many Americans spend lots of money purchasing items that they believe is a good product for them, only to find that it truly isn’t.

Vita Coco is never made from concentrate. That means they pick, crack, and pack fresh young coconuts directly at the source. After the coconuts are cleaned, the delicate water inside is flash pasteurized (and occasionally mixed with all-natural fruit puree) then poured into a shelf-stable Tetra PakĀ®. The entire process from tree to Pak doesn’t exceed 72 hours. I’ve been drinking VitaCoco water for a little while now. It has a lot of benefits to it and they offer some varieties as well for consumers. I was lucky enough to get the try two of their flavors.

Lemonade- Due to my kidney problems, I was adding some lemons to my water anyhow, so I was really excited to try this out. It would certainly save me some time from cutting lemons. I tried this and it did tasate fantastic. I was quite impressed It offers me the citrate help that I need. It actually tastes really good. I would recommend having this chilled. I am the type where I tried it warm too and it is definately better chilled as you can imagine.My nephorologist recommended the coconut water as well for me stating it offers some great benefits, so I will be sticking to drinking this.

Vanilla Cafe Latte– Now I am not a coffee drinker much, but I am the type where I like iced coffee. Now, I didn’t drink this like the traditional person would. I am sure it is delicious to people who enjoy coffee like that, but for me, I just can’t. I added this with some crushed blended ice with some whipped cream and caramel. This tastes just like one of those frozen coffees that you would get from one of those restaurants at halfthe costs. I had a few folks try it and tell me what they thought and they agreed with me as well about the comparison to the flavors.

Vitacoco offers a wide range of varieties catered to kids, pure coconut water, and their cafe line. They also offer coconut oil for sale. For more information about their products and flavors, not to mention other company info, please feel free to check out their website. It’s full of informationa nd fresh and exciting. Their website is located here.

This product was received for the purpose of an unbiased review.

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