Sonixx X-Touch Bluetooth Headphones

I love listening to music, unfortunately the music I like to listen to isn’t the best for everyone else to listen to. So, often, I will put on a set of headphones. I also like to use them when I am trying to relax and wind down. I have come across many different headphones. Bluetooth at that. I have even said that some of them were really good… thinking they were. Then these came. These really set the bar high for expectations.

Sonixx X-Touch comes ina few different colors offering some variety for the consumers. Here is the product description for them:
  • Highly tuned 40mm neodymium drivers produce provide pitch perfect audio with a thumping bass and detailed high end. It has sound to rival Beats but with the bonus of having no wires.
  • Sonixx X-Touch features a touch-controlled interface which adds a truly intuitive advanced control system to control your music. Swipe the control panel vertically to increase or decrease the volume; move your finger horizontally to move to the next track or go back to the previous song.
  • Compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices. If using with a smartphone you can take phone calls, answer and reject; all without taking your phone out of your pocket.
  • As the X-Touch have Bluetooth 3.0 you can see the headphone battery power on Apple and other compatible devices so you know when to recharge them. If the power runs out or you wish to use them on a plane, simply use the included cable to make them wired headphones.
  • Long battery life, light weight and comfortable you can use them all day and when finished, fold them up and store them in the case provided top keep your cans pristine.

Offering superior sound, the earmuffs on this set have a good amount of cushion and fit around the ear completely. This aids in sound quality and no one next to you will hear your music. The material over the headphones is vinyl but offers a leather look to them. They are comfortable on the ears. The headband is adjustable to fit on anyone. The top of the headband offers a little bit of cushion for sitting against the head which helps making these so comfortable. The heaband and back of the earmuffs, have a silicone feel to the material used. These can be used with or without a cord. The bluetooth is extremely easy to pair. It is just like any other pair of bluetooth headphones. If you aren’t familiar with bluetooth devices, there are easy to read instructions included. Sound quality of these is the best I have heard from an off brand. I have a pair of Beats by Dre and these are right up there with them. You can barely tell the difference. These sound great with any music genre you listen to. These also come with a hard plastic zip up case for storage. At this price range, this is a great deal and an exceptional product.

This product is sold on for $74.72 USD. For more information about this product or to read further reviews, please feel free to visit here.

This product was offered for the purpose of inspection and for an unbiased review.

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