Stainless Steel Whiskey Balls by Shop Smart Online

When it comes to entertaining, we want everything to be perfect. From the gourmet food we prepare to the beverages our guests enjoy. Recipes often get a facelift on new twists and turns with time, so why not our beverages?

Shop Smart Online offers a variety of products for their consumers. This company offers quick product shipments as well as exceptional customer service. This company obliged when they were approached for me to try some of their products to tell all of you about. I was sent out three different versions of the stainless steel chilling products. Here is what I thought about them.

hisky Ice Balls – Whiskey Chillers Made of Stainless Steel Set of 4 (4)
Entertain in style and save your guests from watered down drinks with these wonderful whiskey ice balls. Made of stainless steel these have a little bit of weight to them, so they won’t be floating on top of your beverage, they will sit at the bottom of your glass. To use these, I first washed them off with mild soap and water and placed them in the freezer. They froze overnight although they only need to be in there for four hours. This set comes with a set of stainless steel set of tongs so you can place them into glasses in a more distinguished and sanitary way. For storage, this set comes with a black velvet like material drawstring bag. Material is thick as well as durable. When I entertained using these, my friends absolutely loved them and inquired as to where they were from. They were a huge hit. They do an exceptional job cooling beverages for a decent length of time.

Stainless Steel Diamond Ice Cubes Set of 6 Diamond Chillers – Wine Chillers -Whiskey Chillers – And Spirits Chillers
Show off your style at your next get together with these wonderful diamond steel ice cubes. These are presented very nicely in a magnetic closing durable box. Once opened, you are presented with little masterpieces as well as a storage bag. The storage bag for these is a velvet black material that is thick and durable. The bag closes by drawstring. Each diamond steel cube has a little bit of weight to it. The texture and design of these is really appealing. When I received these, I washed them with mild soap and water and placed them in the freezer as directed. When we entertained I broke these out instead of the regular ice cubes. One of the main complaints with my friends and I is that with ice, our drinks tend to get watered down and the drink is ruined. They had no idea I was using these. When I handed them their drinks, they were taken off guard a bit. I explained these to them and they were quite impresses. These kept their drinks nice and cold without watering them down. The presentation with the design of these alone really makes them a conversation piece.The different shape of these keeps them from rolling around in your glass and the weight prevents them from floating and getting in the way. When finished using these, simply rinse or wash again with mild soap and water and place in the freezer again until its time for your next beverage.

Stainless Steel Skull Head Ice Cubes Set of 2 – Whiskey Chillers – Wine Chillers -Beer Chillers
Be the host with the most with these designed stainless steel ice cubes. These are pure stainless steel and have some weight to them. I normally entertain a lot. One of the biggest complaints you have with any drink is that the ice waters down your drink and it loses the flavor. With these it is no longer an issue. I washed these with mild soap and water prior to using. I placed them into the freezer for a few hours as directed per the directions. I made a drink for my father in law using these. He was surprised when he seen these in his drink instead of the normal cubed ice. These were able to keep his drink nice and cold during the duration as he enjoyed his beverage. These don’t float in the beverage either, so they aren’t in the way as you are drinking. The design of these are exceptional. I just love the little skulls. These would be perfect for Halloween entertaining for for any fan of skulls. To wash these up after use, just rinse them off or use mild soap and water and return them to the freezer for next time. The storage bag is a black velvet material with a drawstring to close. It is made of thick and durable material. Perfet for storage of these fine Skull Head Ice Cubes.

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