Sudsy Dough

As a mother, I will admit, there are battles. Battles where I pick and choose what to deal with and find a compromise. Part of one of the joys of parenting. One of those battles that I deal with is my five year old son not liking baths! I know, I know, how can he not like baths? To find a compromise, I am always looking for ways to make his bath time fun and where he will like to take a bath without a fuss.

One of the many cool things that I have found for him is something called “Sudsy Dough”. This was not on my radar until I searched the internet for bath items for children. Sudsy Dough is offered in a variety of colors as well as scents. So there is something for everyone. They come in a twistable jar. These do smell absolutely AMAZING! As if that wasn’t enough, they include a small toy in the middle of the dough. This made my son practically want to jump in his bath to discover the toy and make fun neat molds using his imagination. This dough is easy to munipulate for kids, and they do offer a reasonable amount for them.

Here are the highlightes listed about this product from their website:

  • Doubles as a sensory bath toy and cleansing body wash
  • Moisturizing thanks to Shea butter & coconut oil
  • Comes in a variety of fragrances and colors
  • Mild foaming agent creates suds
  • Paraben-free, phthalate-free, and sulfate-free
  • Handmade by moms in the USA!

This product can also be molded outside of the bathtub and dried out to keep it’s shape and gift. This product does in fact cleanse the body and can be used as a soap too in case you have a fussy one when it comes to soap. My son has used it and it hasn’t dried out his skin or caused any skin irritation. He seems to really love this, and asks when bath time is now so he can play with his new Sudsy Dough!

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