Yummi Gear Divided Lunch Boxes

When it comes to having children, I am sure that many parents would agree that some are very picky. As a mother of five, I know all too well about this. Some, not all, of my children, do not like when their food touches eachother. I tried to seperate their items, but as many parents know, no matter how hard we try, sometimes, it is just impossible.

There is a solution for this parents, its from a company called Yummi Gear. They offer something called “Divided Lunch Boxes”. This comes in a package of four, and the tops are colored differently, in case you have a picky child about colors as well. Here is what the product description lists about the product:

  • Fun boxes for lunch – the lids are easy for kids to open! Great for lunch anywhere!
  • Lid stays securely on the container, while still being easy to open.
  • 3 compartments (9.4
  • Microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe.
  • Set of 4 containers with lids.

These do offer plenty of room for portions with room to spare. I loved this, because no two kids eat alike, especially in my household. The lids do snap on tightly to offer a secure closure. After testing these, I did find out that these aren’t exactly leakproof. So doing soup in these will be a no-no. Other than that, everything else worked completely fine.

These are indeed microwave and freezer safe. When it came to testing these in a dishwasher, I was unable to because I don’t own one. The durability of these is really good. I will say, my five year old had a little bit of a tough time opening these, but the other kids older than him experienced no issues with opening them.

Whether you are an adult or child, these are a great option for lunches and meals while on the go. This product is sold on the product website located here as well as on Amazon.com. To read further reviews, please feel free to visit the Amazon listing and scroll down to read what others think. I think these would make a wonderful gift idea to parents of children of any age.

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Or their company website located : http://revelae.com/

This product was provided at no cost for the purpose of inspection and an unbiased review.

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