Sunsella Buddy Boxes – Plastic Bento Lunch Boxes – NOT Leakproof – 4 Pack

As a mother of five children, making lunches can get pretty crazy. Especially because my kiddos are pretty picky when it comes to their food touching other food. I know, it’s pretty insane. For years, I have had to utilize many ziploc bags. Those are crazy expensive, so I was off to find a cheaper alternative.

I came across a product called the “Buddy Box” from a company called Sunsella. This company was very helpful and had the product to me within a few days. In the package, I received four of these with colored tops. Each top had a different color which was right up my alley.

Offering three compartments, these are perfect for my family. You have the main compartment, and then the two smaller ones. I think the depth of each compartment and size is perfect. These are BPA free, phthalate and lead free, highly durable, meets FDA standards.They are also dishwasher, mocrowave, and freezser safe. These aren’t leak proof but even with the ones that say they are, they never truly are.

I use these wonderful items not only for lunches, but when I want to make quick dinners for them. I will make extra food ahead of time and dish them up and freeze them. This offers a lot less sodium in their food and is ready and served for them in the blink of an eye. This is also a wonderful way to save money as you can imagine because it is cheaper to cook up huge meals and put them away for a later date and then freeze them.

The possibilities are truly endless with this product and I think these are a wonderful product. For more information on ordering this item, please feel free to visit the listing on Amazon located here.

This product was received for the purpose of inspection and for an unbiased review.

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