Create-A-Mural Primary Dot Decals

Decorating a space is very important. It can create comfort and reflect your personal style. It is more important when it comes to a child’s space. As a mother of five children, I know the importance of this. This helps them love their room and also helps them sleep better in their rooms. It creates a comfort especially when you can let them help decorate it.

I was recently looking for something for my daughter Sophia’s room. She had Dora the Explorer decals, but since she is turning 9, she decided that was out and she needed something new. I stumbled acorss a company called “Create-A-Mural” on Amazon. This company offers a variety of decorating options using decals. As I sat there looking, I thought these were a great idea and the prices were much more reasonable than what you see at the store. I wanted to reach out to them to see if I could review an item of theirs and they kindly obliged to my request. I was offered the Primary dot decals. When I asked Sophia, she was excited about this because she loves polka dots. Customer service was more than nice and had this item to me within a matter of two days. I was surprised it arrived so quickly.

These wonderful decals come in the primary colors and more and in a variety of sizes. Peeling these off were very easy. So easy, that Sophia was able to help me decorate her room. Once put on the wall, if needed we could peel them up and re-stick them. Of course, my little perfectionist did this a few times, but it didn’t ruin the decal at all. When I first looked at this, I had worried if we would have enough, but there was plenty. These offer some good adhesive that will keep the dots sticking on the wall. It was so easy and fun to decorate her room and she was very happy with them. This is something every parent will love and person. It has never been easier to decorate a room than with Create-A-Mural. 

Create-A-Mural has so many different options to choose from. To see what they have to offer, please feel free to visit their storefront located here. The mural I received is sold on as well for $57.00 USD and shipping. For more information on this product or to read further reviews, please feel free to visit here.

This company’s slogan is ” Making kids rooms magical!” It is certainly true. 

Please feel free to visit their website located here or their Facebook.

This product was received for the purpose of inspection and for an unbiased review. 
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