The best IOS charging cable you will ever see! by OnHand

Have you ever lost your charging cable for charging your iPod, iPad, or iPhone? Have you grabbed some one else’s cable before, only to find it wasn’t yours and it had a short in it? How many charging cables have you purchased for any of the devices listed?
I am guessing it is a lot if you are anything like the typical person. If you haven’t, consider yourself very lucky. Now, I have purchased MANY different cables for my devices, probably about one a month. That’s how hard I am when it comes to those. They aren’t cheap and it gets to be a hassle to find one at times in my small town. There had to be another option, somewhere out there, but where….what?
I recently seen a product that looked promising on the internet from a company called “OnHand”. OnHand is a fairly new as well as small company. It has ten different employees and was founded in 2010. This companies’ primary focus is on designing acessories that increase the function of your devices making them more stylish and convenient. They started in a dorm room making products with other students in mind and it took off. They offer a few different products such as the everlasting nylon cable, portable sport and shower speakers, and the 8gb flashdrive wristlet to name a few. Their catch phrase on their packaging is “Perhaps the coolest company you ever heard of …yet”. I will agree with them on that statement. Their products are pretty neat and with a well executed thought and design.
The everlasting nylon cable is quite unique from any of the other charging cables I have come across. This cable is 5ft. long. So you will be able to charge anywhere and still be able to move around if necessary while the phone is charging. The extra length does seem to come in handy. It isn’t just a cord like all of the others. It has braided nylon around the cord, to ensure the strength and durability It is very eye appealing and is sure to catch anyone’s attention with it. I love how when this item is plugged in and charging, that the OnHand logo on the side lights up. I don’t know how many times I have plugged in a charger thinking that it was charging when in fact it wasn’t. I felt frustrated when this happened and often was in a crunch for time. This helps alleviate that issue for me.
This product is packaged very well. The packaging is very durable to ensure the product maintains its quality during shipment. It would also be very easy to wrap for a present for that techie you have in your life. This cable seemed to charge my phone just as my other cables, if not a little bit faster. If you are in the market for a well designed charging cable, look no more, this is what you need. You won’t be sorry for purchasing this item. The everlasting nylon cable sells for $14.99 USD. This is the best quality cable I have ever come across yet! Well done OnHand!

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