OnHand -Bluetooth speaker that packs a real punch

Have you been out camping wishing you could listen to your tunes? How about out at a family picnic and you just didn’t have the room to carry that big bulky boombox? Did you know there is a cool alternative. Sure, you could use your phone, but then you have to worry about streaming and data charges, or the speaker not being loud enough.
Now there is an answer from a little company called OnHand. I explained a little bit about the company in my last post when I reviewed the “Everlasting Nylon Cable”. That way you all could get a feel for the company. If you would like to read more about them, please feel free to. I will include links to their social media channels as well as to their website for you all.
OnHand has an item called “The Portable Sport Speaker”. This item is available in three different colors blue, green, and black. So there is a little bit of a variety there for the user for colors. This speaker is water resistant and comes in with a built in microphone to take your phone calls directly from a speaker. Talk about convenient and thinking about everything huh? This speaker has a 30 ft. wireless range and a battery life of about six hours. It comes with the cables necessary for charging and plug ins. The cords that are included are very nice and seem to be of good quality.
The speaker has some weight to it. Not that it is heavy, but you can tell that its a quality product here. Usually with the garbage ones, there is no weight to them and the sound quality is a mess. This one has wonderful sound and unlike most of the portable speakers I have come across, this one offers some bass to the music making the sound just as if you are listening to your stereo. The sounds is crisp, clear, and music to a listeners ears.
This speaker has a silicone feel to it, so if being held, it will not slip out of your hands easily. It also has something else I have never seen, it clips to a back pack, purse or whatever you may wish. The clip is nice and durable as well and is sure to withstand some tugging and pulling as I did a few tests myself with it. There is a power on and off switch at the bottom and controls for music are conveniently found on the side of the bottom cylinder part. There is a blue light to indicate when power is on.
This product retails for $39.99 USD. I think that is a pretty fair price considering the quality of product you are getting here. There speakers that boast to be just as good as this that go for a little more money and aren’t half the speaker as this one. I think this would be a great holiday gift to a friend or family member. They are sure to love it. Please feel free to take a visit to their website to see what other products they have and what is going on with them. They are sure to be a success in my opinion. Keep an eye on these guys!
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