Collapsible Silicone Kitchen Strainer (Colander) Set By Comfify – Includes Two Silicone Strainer Sizes: 8′ and 9.5′ – Burgundy Red & Grey

My kitchen is pretty small. So small that I struggle on where I am going to put my utensils and other items that I use. I have carefully managed to fit everything I need in a nice and orderly fashion. It took me awhile, but I managed. One of the reasons I am able to achieve such a feat is because of wonderful items that are space saving.

Comfify is a wonderful retailer that offers exceptional customer service as well as wonderful products for the kitchen and beyond. I was offered an opportunity to test these out from them. These are pretty awesome if I don’t say so myself. They are a nice deep color red silicone lined with grey durable plastic. There are holders on each side of this that offer a wonderful grip with straining your items. These wash up very easy and I love how it comes with two different sizes. That really helps for me because sometimes there are things I am straining where there just isn’t that much. Opening and closing these is a breeze and offers such simplicity for the user. With many silicone products, a concern is odor from previous items cooked or staining. I have used these many times and rest assured, that will not be an issue when it comes to these.

This set is sold on for $14.99 USD. For more information on ordering these or to see what other reviewers thought about them, please fee free to visit here.

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