Mosiso Kitchen Scale – Black

As many of you know, I cook a lot. I also have a strict diet which I must follow to help with my kidney disease. Having to follow this diet, leads me to have to measure my portion sizes and they must be accurate. So I am always looking for something good to help assist me with this.

I was recently offered the opportunity to test a new kitchen scale by a company called Mosiso. With a nice blue indigo back lit display, it makes it easy to read the large numerals. I wear glasses and I didn’t need to put them on to see the numerals. This is nice and thin and about the size of a tablet, so it can be stored easily anywhere in your kitchen. When I measured various items, it seemed to be a little off. It was about .02 off on every weight I tried. I am not sure how to re-calibrate this as there were no instructions in the manual. The manual is well written and easy to understand, so there will be no issues with using this. Seeing as though the measurement consistency is .02 off on every measurement is why I do think this is still a decent product. I do think this is a nice scale and other than how it is off by .02 it measures quickly and well.

This product is sold on for 18.99 USD. For more information on ordering this item, or to see what other reviewers had to sat about this, please feel free to visit here.

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